About us

The Sheffield Czech & Slovak Society is a voluntary unincorporated community association that welcomes Slovaks and Czechs living in Sheffield and the surrounding area; their partners, families and friends; and anyone interested in the Czech and Slovak languages and their cultures.

We hold cultural events irregularly from September to June, but other informal get-togethers take place year round, as and when members organise them

We have had visits from well-known cultural figures, including novelist and short story writer Jan Beneš, a.k.a. Emil Hakl, filmmaker Aurel Klimt, author and journalist Benjamin Kuras, traditional Slovácko musician Mirek Minks and his ensemble, politician and scholar Pavel Seifter, and documentary maker Zdeněk Zvonek.

Become a member

You do not have to be a paying member of the Society to take part in activities, but in certain cases paying members get discounts on activities. We are currently in talks with Slovak and Czech businesses in the area about further discounts that they might be willing to offer to our members.

Our Society also regularly applies for activity grants from the Czech government.  Your membership payments help us to prove the strength of the organisation and to contribute the required co-funding for events.  All membership dues are used in support of the Society and the activities it organises.

We welcome your participation and support of our activities!